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Welcome To Our Feedback Page

Please help us determine if the new color scheme is more desireable and vote yes if you like it or no if you dont. Thanks

E-mail comments we have received


Hello Todd Just want to say "thank you" for making one our best vacations ever happen. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. We all had a great time and really appreciated your concern for our husbands' well being lol. They enjoyed the drinks to the max lol. I would like to send you a little something as a "thank you". Would it be possible to get an address where I can send it? Thanks again. PS: My friend, Ileana, is going to email you to book their vacation for 2010. I also wanted to know if there are other resorts where you are able to rent out your share.

Thank you



Our trip was wonderful.  The villa was very nice and to have the pool was a great extra!  One of the couples that went with us is actually interested in buying there.  Would you have any advice, pointers or ideas for them?  We had beautiful weather every day. We spoke with numerous couples there about our villa etc….and they were all so envious as to what we got for the price.  Do you have any other properties that you rent?  Everyone said to thank you for providing us with such a great vacation, everything just went so smoothly and we created a lot and I mean a lot of fun and special memories!  I’ll try to get you a picture of our group.


Thank you again for everything Todd,



Hi Todd, thanks so much for all of your help in this area.  We had a great time and enjoyed the resort.  The new Presidential suites are lovely. The service was really good and pleasant, and the food was good too.
thanks a lot for everything and looking forward to talking to you in the future for a villa next time!

Good Day Todd, The trip was awesome!! :) I had such a great time MAN!! I loved every moment of it. I have told so many people about you and how help your are when planning your stay in DR. So you might be getting some calls soon. I know I am planning to go back either in the end of May or August. If things go as I plan them maybe both months. I will be needing your assitance again. So Please Stay Tuned. Thank You once and again and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind RegardsTorie

Hi Todd

We had a great time. There were no negative experiences (other than sunburn) at the resort. This was my first vacation in 7 years so I enjoyed the pampering.


I have given your website URL to a number of people.


Thanks for everything.



Hi Todd,

Incredible! We want to go next year again! In fact, I want to go twice! Once with family and once with all my girlfriends. I'm telling everybody about it. Hopefully I'll be able to find open times next year! I should probably just keep my mouth shut!

Thank you for all your help. It was the most amazing family vacation ever. You were right. It was everything you promised and more! We weren't expecting a maid to make our breakfast every morning. What an awesome surprise!

Thanks again,
Greg, Brenda, Kelly and Kirsten

Hello Todd.

Just back from LHVC.  Just wanted to thank u for the opportunity. We had a great time there.  The VIP beach gives this place bragging rights. Anyways, thanks again!

Peace & Love, Melinda

Hello Tod!
Its the second day here and this place ROCKS! The VIP Welcome party last night was unbelievable! This morning we went to Treasure Cove Ranch and road horses all through the country side, breathtaking!
Anyways, just wanted to ask if you have any favourite things to do here, or any suggestions for my girlfriend and I to do during our stay!
We mentioned your name to one of the staff and he says he knows you and had nothing about great things to say about you. You must come here a lot!
Thanks, and hoping to hear from you soon.
Pat and Katarina. 

Hi Todd

 Well we’ve returned and have to report back that we all had a fabulous holiday.  The weather was great and the VIP treatment was much appreciated by us all.  The only downside was a 27 hour delay on our return flight and Thomas Cook Airlines put us up in an awful hotel – they should have sent us back to Lifestyle and we wouldn’t have minded in the slightest!!

 We would be interested in returning next year the same 2 weeks 
 Thanks for all your help in organizing this years holiday.

 I look forward to hearing from you.

 Best wishes


This email is quite overdue (chalk it up to me being a stressed teacher in June), but I wanted to let you know that our son and his wife had a WONDERFUL time at the villa.  It was everything you described and they enjoyed a romantic, luxurious honeymoon that they will always remember.  Thank you so much for everything you did to help us plan.  
I have recommended the resort to my family and friends, and be assured that at some point in the future, we will call upon you again to arrange a special vacation.  Thanks again.

 Lori and Chuck

Hi Todd,

Thanks for checking in, and yes, we finally found Customer Service who hooked us up with the Ocean World tickets.

We had a marvelous time, and felt like we were in "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" in our villa (#66). I just posted a review on TripAdvisor, and said that renting through you got us "everything as advertised". Hope using your name was ok!

Thank you for helping us have a wonderful vacation, and easing my worries via phone and email.

I'm glad your Mom-in-law did ok, and hey, I'm a cardiac nurse, so I know how quickly folks can get sick with heart trouble. Good that you were there for her.

I would definitely use your rentals again in the future, so will be saving your info!

Enjoy the rest of the summer,


Hi Todd,

Everything went well. The villa was beautiful and the beach was great. Lots of fun in the sun.
Thanks, Shay

No he ended up not golfing.  Too much fun on the beach !    Thanks again. Kelly

Thanks Todd...It was absolutely great.  Food, service, beach, etc, was fantastic.   Thanks again. Scott

Hi Todd,

We just got back from our trip yesterday and we had an amazing time. Everything went just as you said. Great service. Friendly people.


I would like to express my sincere thanks for the delightful visit and the hospitality that I enjoyed. I would like to thank Juana (with the red hair) that was our waitress at Casa Blanca.  She was both delightful and efficient.  Juana also helped me with my limited Spanish each morning.  She brought a smile to our faces with each visit to the buffet for breakfast and lunch and we always looked forward to sitting in her area.  Juana, much luck with your career and in life!  Take care of those kids! Juana's boss, thanks for helping me with my homework one morning! I would like to thank Carmen, or Gina, who was our evening bar tender in the lobby.  She makes the best CocoLocos on the island!!!  I looked forward to seeing her smiling face with the white flower in her hair. I would like to thank Lucia .  She helped us  with much grace and always a welcoming smile on her face..  Keep up the good work!! Last, but definitely not least, I must thank the guys from the activities department!  They did a stellar job each day.  We started each morning with a Spanish class from Shakalaka, Super Joe and Willie Wonka.  They all showed much patience with our class mostly composed of Southerners, especially me with my Southern drawl!  Shakalaka gave us our first class and initial introduction.  Super Joe was our substitute teacher who drilled the words into each of our heads.  We'll never forget bombillo!!!  Who can forget Willie Wonka with the pleasant disposition and Hollywood smile.  He made class fun each day and gave us homework each night. Don't think I've forgotten the rest of the guys in the activities department.  Chikky, who does wonderful work with the kids.  Spaghetti, who doubles as Zorro (and is a great dancer)!  Manny, with the braces, who turns green when he gets angry.  Sexy man, who works it out during aerobics each morning.  Roberto, who looks cool in his shades.  Winston, with the mean ping pong game.   Mr. Towel, with the dimples and the John Deer hat! Each of you guys made our trip memorable and unforgettable.  The shows were great and the games were fun.  Please keep on being the strong and handsome young men that you are. Lifestyles, I know I've forgotten some names, but not any faces.  Your staff is both efficient and delightful.  The hotel was immaculent!   Thanks for the terrific vacation.  I've attached my photo so that you may know who I am.  Please make sure that everyone mentioned gets this message!        Delania

Hi Todd, I just wanted to thank you for the use to your suite in Puerto Plata !  Mike and I had a wonderful time and visiting my brother made it extra special.  Thanks again Take Care

Hi Todd,
I’ve been thinking about you.  After I got home I got the flu for two weeks so I am just now starting to get back to the day to day stuff.
Upon our arrival in Puerto Plata I called the resort.  They sent a taxi to pick us up…no extra charge.  
Taxi from downtown Puerto Plata to Lifestyles.  200pesos ($7) each way but you have to fight to get the rate.
 When I get a chance I will post a review on Trip Advisor.  By dealing with you  I think we got the best deal possible.  The people who exchanged into the resort via RCI really got the short end of the stick.  The upgrade to VIP status really did help a lot at your resort.
 Restaurants:  The Italian was the best. 
  At the Occidental Grand in Punta Cana…it was predominantly Canadian and German…maybe 20% American.  Whereas Lifestyles appeared to be mainly American.  Kind of interesting.
My wife and I really thought that your efforts were the best.  I would say that the Residence Villa room, bar menus and facilities were excellent. 
If you hear of a similar ownership program for a Mexican or Aruban resort I would be interested. 
I hope the info was helpful.  When I’m feeling better I’ll give you a call.

I truly enjoyed my time at the orphanage and going into the barrios (Agua Negra and Haviar) and distributing cloths, school supplies, and medication. I had so much fun with the girls at the orphanage, I just can't put it in words.    Troy

Hey Todd.
The villa was very nice, the service was nice too. We had a great time. I was going to call you to thank you today after work.   Jose

Hi Todd, The resort is wonderful. We are in a villa that is pretty, it is right on a walking path that is about 30m from the beach, so we have no complaints. We are all enjoying our time here and the staff has been excellent.  Customer service has been outstanding, and our maid, pool service, etc. have been wonderful. We are planning to go to the casino night tonight -- thanks for the tips! We'll email you a full review and a few photos after the trip. Thanks for checking in!     Christine